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Lookin' backwards

through the chapters of your life

Pesticide Prevention Act and the Agreement Curve
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I am a girl rapidly apporoaching the later end of the teenage spectrum. I currently live in Alberta, Canada, but that should change come September 2010. I suffer from shyness, even on the internet. I am a community lurker, for the most part. (I'm trying not to be, though. Contribution is fun)

I fully enjoy reading, writing, and ranting. However, I have a tendency to procrastinate on the second one, and spend too much time doing the other two. This journal is probably (definetely) filled with angsty, broken-heart filled teenage rants. But what can ya do?

I switch fandoms very very easily, especially if the new fandom has some sort of pairing I can grasp on to and ship for dear life(Heck, that's probably the reason I got into most of my fandoms. Lately, though, I've started to mature and watch for the writing/acting) (Pairings are still the main reason).